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Worm on Neon Tetra

Greg H

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Minor quibble, but that's a cardinal tetra, not a neon.

And it sounds like dermocystidium.



In Cardinals, Dermocystidium generally manifests as one or more bubble-like skin cysts reaching 5mm in diameter, each typically having a whitish worm-like structure inside. Hence it is easily confused as a skin-parasitic worm infection — and it’s certainly fooled me a couple of times!

So, if you see one or more protruding cysts on the body and/or fins of your Cardinals, each looking like a clear bubble, and some containing a white ‘worm-like’ tube inside, as you mention, then it most probably is Dermocystidium. Proof would be to burst a cyst (although I’m not suggesting you actually do this!) onto a microscope slide and look for thousands of tiny spores under high power of a microscope. These are the infective ‘zoospores’ that swim in the water in search of a new host.


From: How do I treat Dermocystidium - Practical Fishkeeping

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