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Corydoras crossing

Shrimp Doggy Dogg

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I have a female albino Cory that has spawned the fertilized eggs of a male bronze Cory.  I hatched out about 25 fry in a breeder basket assuming they’d all be either albino or bronze, but they are just getting big enough to show that they are all probably a mix of the two.


After further investigation, I was able to dig up a pitchfork-wielding forum post from 2004 saying fry of this type “must be euthanized to protect the hobby!”

I struggled to find any recent info on the cross-breed.  So I’m wondering, is there really anything wrong with raising these fish?  Does anyone here have experience with this cross?  Is there anything special I should know about this fish?


Side note: baby catfish are adorable when their barbels become noticeable.

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Your hobby, your tank and fish so your rules. Euthanizing perfectly healthy fish is silly in my opinion. The pitch fork wielding folks can return to the dark ages. Just don’t sell the offspring that look like the original parent type as pure because they will still carry mixed genetics. I hope you post pictures of these darling little catfish. Live baby brine shrimp will be a winner for catfish fry. Small first bites and other fry food etc. other than that treat them as you do the parents. Obviously you have done an amazing job with them since they spawned and eggs hatched. Congratulations 🎉 

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On 1/27/2022 at 2:57 PM, Patrick_G said:

I agree with @Vanishand @Irene. Keep them and congrats on getting them to breed! 

I also agree, but would add:

I would not sell them to your lfs since these fry are less likely to breed true.  If I were buying them for a breeding project, I would be pretty disappointed when the the results came up mixed. In stead I would trade with a friend since they would know what they are getting.

 Congratulations on the spawn, obviously you are doing it right.

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