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Aquarium Co-op new Easy Planter

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So most of you know that I’m not known to be a plant type guy. I like aquarium plants but I primarily breed fish and any plants are secondary. That said I like plants in my tanks that are almost all bare bottom or substrate free, green is always nice. A while back when I was helping out in Cory’s fishroom I see one of these that is being tested in Cory’s tanks. For me seeing something new like this required pulling it out of the tank, examining it, scrutinizing it, etc. and I’m like I’d definitely like to try that. So when the test batch came in I got my hands on a couple and you may have seen them appear in some cameo shots in my fishroom videos or on my Instagram. Of course I had to answer countless questions about what it was, but no longer because they are now available to everyone. The cool things about these planters, I can just drop in a potted aquarium plant, they look great and are easy to move, rotate, change out plants, etc. Thus the name Easy Planter I’m sure. I do add a root tab to the plant and squirt in some Easy Green when I remember to, but the Easy Planter itself looks good, functions well, protects the plant, and just makes it easy. Oh and no more do I have to harass Randy and Cory to get them in and on the co-op website, they are there now!







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Oh wow those are really neat looking. I'll have to find a way to incorporate them into my next tank. I like that they are attractive, easy to plant outside of the water and drop in, and it gives you the option of having some taller looking green in a shorter tank. 

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I'm going to try a few of these! This would be perfect for my Firemouth tank. It's going to take a lot of effort on his part to bury this entire rock. Not saying he can't do it, but it will buy me some time to shovel it away 🙂

They would be perfect for a few of my Goodeid tanks as well. I plant in various glass containers and vases because I only keep a shallow layer of pea gravel. Can't wait to try them out!

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