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Agression amongst my white cloud minnows

Karen B.

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This is my tank, a 20 gallons with 13 white cloud minnows. Temp about 68 f. Fake plants/decoration.


There is a lot of agression and chasing around amongst my white cloud minnows.  So much so that many are missing fins/half a tail, etc.

I remember @Cory  saying they were very peaceful ... obviously they did not get the memo!! 😅

More seriously, am I doing something wrong? Is there anything I can do to reduce agression?

It’s often the same one causing the agression. Should I rehome it? Such a shame, it’s my prettiest one 😔

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They spar quite a bit but I’ve never seen it get to the point where fins are missing. If you have another tank maybe move the aggressor for a week or two and let everyone else heal up. Then bring him back and see if they pecking order changes and is more peaceful. 

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