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Lost 6 Panda Garra's


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I ordered six 1 inch panda garra's to be shipped 2 days. All arrived well and were taken in when arrived. All were alive and the heat pack was still warm. My quarantine tank had been up and running warmed to 77 degrees and filtered with a sponge filter. Parameters all looked good both before and even after the pandas were added. I acclimated to the water temperature before adding them. All 6 died overnight.
I am racking my brain, PH shock? The only thing I did not do that I probably should have was acclimated by adding water a little bit at a time. I was in a rush and I skipped this step. I know it was somehow my fault just trying to wrap my head around if there was any other thing that they may have passed from or I should be aware of next time. That was an expensive order to lose but I'm more upset that this is only the second time I have ever had fish shipped to me and BOTH shipments passed, one DOA and now this next day. I really don't ever want to mail fish again. Any thoughts on how I can do this better? I usually get my fish from our LFS and all those seem to do just fine in quarantine and adding them to my ten different tanks. 
Any constructive criticism or advice would help. I feel like I only come here when something goes wrong, which isn't often but no one around me understands fish. 




Forgot to add a picture of paramaters


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From the looks of the test strip, the pH may have been too low (it appears to be at most 6.4 and could potentially be even less; they are typically 6.5-7.5 range with probably around 7/neutral as a good target) and the water looks quite soft as well. Did you check the ammonia levels in the water and get any numbers for that? The nitrites and nitrates look fine... I agree w/ Colu; it was probably shock.

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