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Hello all Need some opinions on my next breeding project...


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So I have the opportunity to purchase a group of 6 L397 or a group of 6 L236 RB . Ill post pictures. 


these are the L236( these fish have the potential to produce the SW (superwhites) the mother is a sw and the father is a regular RB. and they ae close to the ZEBRA PLECO in species Which one day i would love to have in the fish room! would be good practice!!


these are the L397. They are wood eating type pf pleco 

L397 Alenquer Tiger Pleco (Panaqolus sp.) - Tank-Bred!



Looking for more of opinions than anything else both groups are young and ill defiantly have along road ahead but I'm excited to bring in some new fish to the fish Room. Both groups are also similarly priced maybe a touch less for L236. Thank you in advance for any and all input!

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My conservative vote is for the L236s, for the main reason that those awesome plecos with orange and red like the L397 always seem to dull out in the hands of the average aquarist, and it’s only in superb photos that they have that crazy colour. Whereas, a good white and black pleco pretty much always has strong colours.

Take that opinion with a grain of salt though. It’s just what I’ve seen in videos of other people’s fish rooms, not from personal experience. They both look like super awesome fish.

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