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Hello From The Volunteer State

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Hello everyone!

My name is Mitch. I’ve been keeping an aquarium for almost eight years. We started with a 10 gallon, and after a couple of upsized we know have a 75 gallon tank in our living room. It is a freshwater planted tank. I’ve been experimenting with growing plants for the past few years. My first attempts were disasters, but once I found Aquarium Co-op on YouTube I started making corrections to my setup that have led to successes. 

My current tank has a gravel and sand substrate. We love watching our Corydora in the sand. We also have Otocinclus helping with the algae. I enjoy watching them the most. We have schools of neon tetras and Harlequin Rasboras that keep the middle of the tank active. Our Cherry Shrimp colony is thriving, and I recently realized that I have a bunch of Red Rilis. Oh, and I have a growing colony of Mystery Snails and a couple of Nerite snails. 

I am very thankful for Aquarium Co-op and the knowledge shared on the channel, site, and Facebook group. I am looking forward to participating on this forum. Here is a picture of my tank. I still have a lot to learn. Haha. 


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Thank you all.

It has been a work in progress. My Ludwigia Repens and Rotalla Indica aren’t very healthy lately. I added root tabs last week, but it’s still yellowing and the growth is not very lush. I am not sure about the Tiger Lotuses. I wanted to keep them to cover the sponge filter, but my stem plants have looked rough ever since I added them. 

Ben, I am near Knoxville. Nice to meet fellow East Tennessee aquarists. 

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Oh! And I forgot to mention the Mollies! My daughters talked me into some mixed Mollies. Now we keep a bunch of them and even take them to our local fish stores for others to buy. They are a mix between Dalmatian, Black, and an orange/silver (creamsicle). We’ve planned on getting rid of them, but we always have fry. 

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