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Share your guppy or endler pics


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On 1/25/2022 at 7:25 PM, JMiller2020 said:

I'm planning on getting a nice female just for this guy then I'm going to give them their own tank. Sry about quality he won't stay still

I have one who looks like him but only has a bottom sword. Very tempting to make more guppies with him and one of my red chili endler hybrid ladies, but I am out of space!

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These are the blue ones I came up with from specifically not allowing inbreeding using different lines



On 1/26/2022 at 2:38 PM, PineSong said:

Unfortunately, I can't even get a good shot from taking stills from video. I think I need to catch them when they are asleep. 




I just figured out how to get great guppy pictures by accident. I used my phone and filmed in slow-motion ruthenium took pics from the slow mo video. Hope that helps

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Ahh, great-looking guppies, everyone! Who wouldn't love to keep such lively, colorful, easy, and adorable fishes?? Well, me, apparently... 😁 After trying hard with several strains of guppies and endlers the only guppies I keep these days are these  yellow sisters :) Love their golden color, and love that the babies are all golden from the birth. 


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So the theme tonight is how to capture a fast moving subject 🤣


These pictures are from my sorority tank, and the boys colors are still developing (they have been moved to my bachelor tank, and are even harder to photograph now🙄).

I bought two female guppies from this line:


And the boys are currently looking like this:20220124_224903.jpg.d52232ebc9d5e744dc9422d94375b516.jpg20220126_192004.jpg.11ee69bb779bc4c22b5be65d1817a863.jpg20220126_192202.jpg.b83281ef4a6450f3d7d4d90fcb3be2fb.jpg20220126_192319.jpg.be26d4a8f20be257cd17274b32f0ee38.jpg

The boys are between 6 to 8 weeks old, and every morning I notice a little more color.

The phone camera doesn't do them justice, at all. There's even more blue today, than when I took these pictures over the weekend. It's a light, metallic blue? And the stripe pattern of yellow helps them disappear in my plants.

Here's the endlers in my spouse's room, I can't get good pictures of them, at all 


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I used to keep and breed hundreds of endlers (only kept one n-class variety though) - here are some of the nicer ones. Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos at the time I was breeding some of these species (most of these photos were from a mixed fry growout). I had a couple awesome black bar males with purple dorsal fins that had little black speckles.

Black bars (my own variant derived from a yellow king cobra and a male mutt guppy).



Yellow king cobras


Japan blues


N-class Campoma Blue Stars





I just found an extra album of photos on my phone that were taken on my DSLR. These are pretty good. Still no photos of the epic black bar males though 😢


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Still trying to get good guppy photos but have to settle. Here are mostly juvenile, born in my tank, guppies and, due to a tactical error on my part, just a few of the tremendously pregnant platy ladies they share their home with. I think these mutt guppies are pretty typical looking, but I do really like the bright glow of those tails. They really do stand out from across the room, lol.


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