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White clouds need help


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Hi All

I purchased 6 white clouds in early December. I put them in quarantine tank and treated with med trio, but I did each med 1 at a time with breaks in between.  They have been doing just OK.  I have lost 1 a week for three weeks.  I have moved them back to quarantine and noticed white spot behind gills of one male.  Also noticed gills are red. I noticed gills would get red and the spine would start to bend before the previous three died.  I am new to hobby and just learning. My tanks are not seasoned but are cycled. I test water regularly and change water when I think it needs it.  I am an over feeder but I'm working on that.  Last water check was:

Ph 7.2

Kh 80

Gh 300

No nitrites or ammonia 

Nitrates are 40 to 50

My well water is hard lots of calcium. Comes out at ph 6.6 to 6.8. After discovering low ph I set up water barrel and aerate and heat before water changes. After 24 hours ph runs 7.8 to 8.0 I added some bags of fluval stratum to help lower ph. It now sits between 7.0 to 7.4. 


I know this is a lot of info. I'm open to any constructive feedback you've got.  I'm enjoying this project and know success comes with failure. The WC were purchased with the idea that I am new and have some learning to do. I hoped to put them in a wine barrel pond this summer.  If they make it.  I have 2 wine barrel ponds, 2 20 gallons tanks 1 grow out and 1 quarantine.  I also have 45 tall. 

Thanks in advance




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Maybe 4 to 5 days.  The one with in the picture looks like it is struggling with equilibrium.  Not sure if that's the right word.  I'm guessing swim bladder problems too.  I have them in the med trio now.  Other fish seem to be OK. 

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@Colu hi thanks for your help.  Update white cloud is doing well. White fungus went away and swimming normal.  I know it's just a white cloud but I'm new and I got them to learn from.  I plan to treat again in 3 weeks just in case parasites hatch and return.

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