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Amazon Puffer Color Fading

Andrew Puhr

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Hey Everyone, 

I have a 2 year old Amazon Puffer that I have noticed has been losing its color over the last few weeks. It still eats and behaves normally. Its diet consists of mostly frozen bloodworms and snails he finds in the tank. I am trying to determine if there is a problem with the puffer or if it just happens as they get older. I was thinking about pulling out into a quarantine tank to monitor more closely. I ran the med trio through when I first brought the puffer home but haven't done anything since. Wasn't sure if it made sense to run the trio again or maybe just focus on ParaCleanse or PraziPro in case its a parasite or worm situation. 

Just looking for advice. 



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On 1/25/2022 at 8:38 AM, Andrew Puhr said:

Nitrates: 20 ppm

Nitrites: .5-1.0 ppm

GH: 200 ppm

KH: 140 ppm

Chlorine: 0 ppm

PH: 7.6 ppm

nitrites are definitely very toxic and that is not a small amount imo. Seems like you're experiencing some kind of tank crash. There also may be ammonia, but I don't see that listed here. 

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I tested ammonia and it came back 0 ppm. I retested and I don't believe I am registering any Nitrites. It isn't the most clear on the Tetra Test Strip. It isn't white but its the same color as when the strip started so I don't think there is any recordable Nitrites. I went ahead and did a 40% water change and retested to get my Nitrates down to around 10 ppm. Will continue to monitor. 

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