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Need help diagnosing my betta fish


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Can someone please help me diagnose my betta fish?

He does not show signs of diseases but is always lying around like this. It has been weeks where he seems to have no energy.

Also, the texture of its tail seems to have changed. It did not have so many splits before.





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Hi @Kaining. Very sorry about your betta. Can you tell us if you test your water, what are your parameters if you do. Do you use a heater? What's it set to. Do you have access to medication? If so what do you have. A picture of the whole set up helps as well as any other inhabitants, how long have you had him and how old is the tank. These things will help. 

Just going on what I can tell so far, I would suspect a bacterial infection and fin rot, probably playing hand in hand. But it could be other things, additional information will help us help you. 

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Thank you for your reply!

The tank water pH is 6.9, TDS 90.

We use a heater and the temperature is 89.6F. 

We do have medication: Artemiss and ParaGuard (picture attached).

We have had the betta fish for a year, Otocinclus for more than 4 months, shrimps for more than 6 months and the horn snail and the black snail for 3-4 months.

Please find pictures of the whole setup attached.




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I'm still thinking it's bacterial without further evidence. Maybe @Colu our med guru also has some insight. 

Appears you only have one "all natural" med for bacteria that I'm not familiar with. I tried to look up what it contains and it says it's herbal based, similar to Melafix and Pimafix, to be honest, I've never had any luck with those items. I downloaded the SDS and it doesn't even list it there, just says proprietary. I would junk it unless you've had good experience with it. Your fish is pretty sick from what I can tell beause he's lying on the ground- I really think he needs something stronger. 

Paraguard says it can treat bacterial but I don't think at this stage it's going to help as well as what I'm going to say below but if those are your only choices I'd try Paraguard and Aquarium salt in a QT

Any way you can get Kanaplex or Maracyn2 quickly? I would QT and start with one of those. 

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I had a lot of success when i used kanaplex with salt. See AqCoop dosing article. When I got to 1 Tbsp/gallon the healing really accelerated. 

Hope he gets better.  I agree re taking the temp down a bit - at least to low 80s.  I would take it down slowly.

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