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Recharging/Restarting Madagascar Lace Bulbs

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I had two madagascar lace bulbs from the Co-Op in two separate tanks.  They both did great initially although were very different from each other.  Once had fairly slender and narrow leaves and the other was gigantic.  Both would have leaves periodically rot away to be replaced with new growth. Over the last several months they have both kind of petered out.  The narrower one now has no growth and the previously robust one has only a few small leaves.  While trying to investigate them, it does not appear that either spouted any appreciable roots.

The bulbs look a little eaten away on the bottoms but are not squishy or smelly.

Do bulb plants need to go through periodic dry phases?  How does one do this?

Do I just leave them alone and they will come back at random in the future?


Thanks for the help.

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I've had this exact problem with my lace plant. It too has slimmer leaves. Lately I've seen it die back a little.  I read somewhere that in the winter you could see some dieback due to it being cold, and in the summer it would flourish losts more. Lately I've been seeing small little leaf sprouts coming from the bulb so I'm anticpiating its just some melt back.

Heres a picture of mine:

That was a picture when I first got it. All the signs you described I too have witnessed. Its gotten a little bigger but the leaves still stay their slim selves.

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