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What kind of algae is this?

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We've dealt with all kinds of algae and have gotten pretty good at identifying the types but this one I'm not sure what it is and who eats it.  Its primarily in this 29-gallon tank but has sprung up in at least one of our other tanks so far.  I'm trying to find out what it is so I can find someone who will eat it.

It turns into a "fuzz colony" like you see in the first picture and also spreads to the glass and filter intake.  The mollies in the tank could care less about it.  We've had green hair algae as well and the mollies love nibbling at that one.

I've tried my google-fu but had no luck identifying it yet.  Thanks for the help!



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On 1/23/2022 at 3:37 PM, Patrick_G said:

I think the algae eaters will help, but you’ll probably need to lower the light intensity or photoperiod, do some manual removal and possibly treat with Easy Carbon. @Atitagain had the very sensible recommendation to turn off the filter when you’re  scraping bba off the glass. That keeps it from spreading it around the tank. 

Great advice! 

@jhunholz I had the start of BBA in my puffer tank and since I couldn't add any algae eaters, I opted to lower the light period to 6 hours a day and added a midday siesta. The plants didn't suffer, the fish could care less and in a few weeks, no more BBA. My situation was a bit different because I just had the beginnings of a few patches, but the treatment worked. I think if you try adjusting the light and adding the SAE, you'll be in great shape in a few weeks. Good luck! 

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