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@Dean’s Fishroom64 oz over 6 hours. Water is also exchanging with the 250 gallon so the fry tray doesn’t become rancid. testing it with rice fish first. Then on to the T. schoutedeni fry! 

on a side note: my ricefish mixing has been fruitful. Many of my orange color fry juveniles are starting to get black patches. Hard to get on camera. 




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I am feeding rotifers and paramecium to my sparkling gourami fry. My system is way less sophisticated than yours.

The greenish 40 gallon breeder tank (the one in the background with 2 pythons) grows rotifers like crazy. Fish excrete nutrients and there is plenty of light and for whatever reason this tank (hallelujah!) stays cloudy green and full of rotifers and other micro fauna.


The tank in foreground on the lower left has baby sparkling gouramis and is thankfully downhill of the green water tank.

Also, uphill of the green water tank is an even bigger aquarium. That is why you can see a second python (the nozzle with a clamp in the upper right) that replenishes the green water tank.

The foreground aquarium with the baby gouramis goes clear everyday as the daphnia, rotifers and cyclops filter out all the free floating algae.

Is isn't automatic as I have to flip switches, but I don't have to carry any water.

The brown tank in the middle is a holding tank for recently wild collected aquarium plants. I stole it's Finnex and added it to the baby gourami tank.

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