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Texas Realtor & noob aquarist here!

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Hi everyone! I'm in the DFW area and have been keeping fish for about 3 years now, but really just got into aquariums in the past 7 months or so thanks to Cory! I've currently got a 40breeder with mollys, platys, danios, and amanos, a 45 with a pleco (who is getting a bigger home soon, don't worry!) and some neons, a 10 with all of the molly and platy babies that I could catch, and a 7.5g with a cute lil' female betta and some harlequin rasboras. Looking forward to learning and starting some new projects inspired by this forum 😀





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Thank you!! It was impromptu... I convinced my husband to let me this tank up because I told him I already had everything for it so it wouldn't cost anything lol. So out into my backyard I went! 🙃 I have some eco complete/gravel mix in the back for the jungle val.

So far, I'm mostly liking it but it is kind of difficult to clean under/around them.

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Can't believe I haven't spent more time on the forum these past two years. Just updating this post with new pictures of my tanks, mostly for myself. 

My 40 breeder, which can be viewed from 3 sides! This is my only high-tech setup. 



IMG_7883.jpg.e68abb8ac01a090d07ee1be144f1f996.jpgThe red plants and my tiger lotus are just there to grow out for a bit...

My tall 45 by the window, complete with no background (Cory's favorite) and lava rock/crushed coral substrate. 



My bedroom 20 long with a whole mess of plants



My husband's 6 gallon cube with Rage, the red betta. 



And finally, the other 20 long - the "galaxy tank"


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