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Texas Realtor & noob aquarist here!

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Hi everyone! I'm in the DFW area and have been keeping fish for about 3 years now, but really just got into aquariums in the past 7 months or so thanks to Cory! I've currently got a 40breeder with mollys, platys, danios, and amanos, a 45 with a pleco (who is getting a bigger home soon, don't worry!) and some neons, a 10 with all of the molly and platy babies that I could catch, and a 7.5g with a cute lil' female betta and some harlequin rasboras. Looking forward to learning and starting some new projects inspired by this forum 😀





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Thank you!! It was impromptu... I convinced my husband to let me this tank up because I told him I already had everything for it so it wouldn't cost anything lol. So out into my backyard I went! 🙃 I have some eco complete/gravel mix in the back for the jungle val.

So far, I'm mostly liking it but it is kind of difficult to clean under/around them.

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