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Has anyone used this thing and seen a difference?


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Okay, so I may not be using this in an environment where I'd notice because I have two in my 20G fry tank.

This "DrTim's "Waste-Away Time Release Gel"

I don't know what bacteria is in it... or even if it is bacteria... I have two small "10G" ones in the 20, one on each side. So far, it's just pooing out bits and making things look, somehow, even messier. Water parameters are the same, been a week. There's still mulm, etc. I've had to change the water just as often as usual.

Anyone use this and see any benefit? or is this just a gimmick product?

I bought it to try to help with the waste and water conditions of the fry tank, so I could maybe change water one day later than I am. So, every 3 days, instead of every other day. So far... no changes.

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I have heard other folks use products, I don’t remember what, that break down waste. Nothing removes nitrate except plants. From what I remember them saying it helped excess detritus but spiked nitrates and nitrite. Not to helpful but that’s all I know. I tend to add nothing to fry tanks because they are so sensitive. 

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