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I can guess that there might be several posts about water, but I keep checking my water and most things are ok, I think. 

When I use test strips, they show my ph. is like 6.4 - 6.8, when I do the drops, it shows between 7.4 - 7.8. my water is very soft.

My GH is like 0 yes soft.............KH is 0.......I admit I know nothing of water chemistry. (Nitrates under 20ppm - nitrites 0 for the most part and chlorine 0.)

I ask this because I`ve had a few shrimp molt and one died but weeks apart of different types.

 Now I`m not too smart but it would seem that shrimp would not molt, and more shrimp/fish would die.

Those numbers are for all my tanks even the newly set up tanks, two are empty and one has baby guppies/snails.

I have watched videos on this subject; however, most goes over my head, or I don`t take time to absorb the information.

I`m open to all advice and criticism.

Thanks all.

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If you use buckets to fill your tanks, definitely use SaltyShrimp remineralizer. I picked up some GH+ from Salty Shrimp and use it on my shrimp tank to get a precise GH. Great stuff! But you should mix it into your bucket of water that you'll be adding for your water change and not directly to the tank.

Adding crushed coral to your filter would be smart for stable KH, too. Since your water is soft enough to have basically no minerals in it, I'm not sure WonderShells are precise enough to target a stable GH level, but you can try it out if you don't want to add powders to your buckets of fresh water.

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