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Endlers bent back and paralyzed tail then dying


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Hey all. 

as the title implies I’m having issues with a tank where water parameters are fine temp is fine tank has been carefully cleaned but I’m having endlers who appear to be paralyzed at their tail and they develop a kink as shown below between dorsal and tail. 

any ideas what this is?


I’ve read pages of stuff online and in this forum and can’t figure out what it might be. 

can someone help identify the cause?


thank you!!


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Thanks for the thoughts!

water parameters are:

ph : 8

nitrite : 0

ammonia : 0.25

phosphate: 0

nitrate: 0

gh: 5 drops

its been going on for a couple weeks and we’ve lost about 5 fish. 

I did a full tear down and 100% water change in the middle of this.

nothing new added to the tank. 

prior to this the tank was running gangbusters for about 2 years. 

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