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Injury or tumor on my betta?

Karen B.

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I have posted already about this but the Maracyn treatment suggested did not work. The injury is still exactly the same.


My betta has this red injury/growth on the side of its head. It looks definitely swollen.

I am wondering if it’s an injury (there was a temporary diy divider in the tank between him and my female) and maybe he got his head stuck? Or does it look more like a tumor?

I did a 5 days of Maracyn, no visible changes.

What should I do next?

10g, 78.5f
pH 7 (Api drop test)
0/0/0 (aquarium coop strips. Result is probably because of the meds. The tank is cycled and had been running for over 6 months with 1 HOB filter + 1 sponge filter)
KH 40 (aquarium coop strip)
GH 150 (aquarium coop strip)
No chlorine.
1 WC per week. I use Prime & Stability








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He’s really beautiful, sorry he is hurt. Maracyn would be the choice to treat dropsy, bacterial infections, etc so I could definitely see why that would be recommended. The raised scales around the sore area is something I’d keep an eye on and see if they receed as inflammation goes down or not.

Did the sore show up overnight or develop gradually?

Have you considered a low dose of salt as a treatment? My understanding is the salt encourages the fish to increase slime coat production in addition to providing some anti-bacterial/fungal treatment. I have used salt to great effect on several of my fish species. 

Do know that any salt would negatively impact your plants so consider doing treatment in quarantine if that is a problem.

Indian Almond Leaves are also an all  around great addition to betta tanks especiallly when they’re under the weather. They appreciate the health benefits of tannins.

Please look to additional sources for medical treatment of bettas as well I’m not a fish doc by any means. 

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As you haven't seen any improvement after treating with maracyn what I would do is increase water changes add some indian almond leaves as they have antibacterial and antifungal properties as @813aquatics suggested and aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 5 gallons the salt will help with Gill function and add essential electrolytes at that level it shouldn't harm your plants and monitor for 1 week if  it's getting worse or your seeing no improvement after a week I would treat with maracyn2 in food as the active ingredient is minocycline that has proven affective at shrinking some types of lumps such as Granulomas and benign cysts and it's used to treat  abscesses  feed a small amount twice a day for 7 days 


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