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New Tank Substrate question

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Hi I am new here and have a question for substrate. Setting up a shrimp and guppy planted 10G tank. I have Fluval Stratum and also the Eco-complete that co-op recommended. Should I mix the 2? or place the Stratum on the bottom with a cap of Eco-Complete on top? Thanks for any advice.

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This isn't an answer, just things to think about. I'm also pulling this info from the writing on the bags, and the amazon description.

Fluval Stratum: Mineral rich volcano dirt, may cause algae bloom before plants catch up (will happen in a new tank anyway), bigger grains so that it doesn't compact, will lower PH

eco-complete: wet gravel that's been soaking in a water bag so that it already has some Beneficial bacteria on it, not similar sized grains so it could compact (bag advertises that it won't), will raise PH, contains floraspore (Mycorrhiza fungi, quick google search below makes me skeptical) to increase plant nutrient uptake


article on fungi: https://hort.extension.wisc.edu/articles/mycorrhizae/

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