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Lethargic Mystery Snails


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I have a 14g tank with 5 mystery snails.  They all came from the same snail clutch that I overlooked in a different tank, so they're all about 6 months old.  Usually, they're busy climbing to the top of the tank and jumping off to do their version of para-snailing.  But, about 3-4 days ago I noticed them all huddled up in the back corner.  Sometimes they sleep so I didn't worry too much at first.  But, they're still doing it so now I'm worried.  They aren't closed up completely and have their little siphons out, and their tentacles are all sad and droopy.  I don't feed anything with copper.  Mostly they get snello, blanched spinach, fresh zuke slices, and algae wafers.  I have snails from the same clutch in other tanks and they are doing fine.

Water parameters (API test kit):

  • Ammonia: 0
  • Nitrites: 0
  • Nitrates: 20
  • pH: 8.2
  • GH: 161ppm (9 drops) (my water is really, really hard)
  • KH: 15 degrees
  • Temp: 76.5 F
  • Water changes: weekly about 40% (conditioned with prime)
  • Ferts: Weekly doses of Easy Green, Easy iron, & Seachem potassium

I did a 40% water change today, and moved them all to the front.  They all moved since then but not far from where I had placed them.  Attached are 2 pics.  The first shows them munching happily on zucchini. I took that Dec 30.  The other shows them today looking tired and worn out.  I don't know what could be wrong.  Why would they hang at the bottom with their siphons sticking out?  Besides moving them to quarantine, is there anything I could/should do to help them? 



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I have mystery snails but have not experienced this. I did a few cursory google searches and there are a lot of posts of people describing similar periods of "lethargy" but not a ton of clear guidance. My gut reaction would be to think they are responding to some kind of stress but your parameters all seem ideal for them and something like additional calcium isn't likely to be what triggers a huge health swing. I will say they are super tough little creatures though - just today I had one climb out of a 37g (tall-ish) somehow land outside the tank and by the time I found him he was dry. I was certain he'd die but after being back in the water an hour his siphon poked out and off he went.

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Thank you both for your replies/concern. I've moved the snails to my quarantine tank.  I watched a video from Lav's Snails on how to give air baths, so started doing that last night.  2 are looking a little perkier this morning, but 3 of them still look very sad.  I dunno.  I have snails from the same clutch in other tanks, same water parms and fert schedule, and they seem to be doing okay.  I'm starting to wonder about a rock I put in the 14g tank that I found along Lake Michigan. It's the one they're crawling over in the first pic.  Maybe it's leeching something.  This isn't the mystery in mystery snails that I want.

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