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Nannostomus eques / Brown tail pencilfish - Looking for good source and care guide

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On 1/17/2022 at 7:05 PM, 813aquatics said:


I was wondering if anyone here had kept nannostomus eques / brown tail pencilfish and could point me towards a good source for these fish and any care tips you have. I was thinking of keeping 6-10 in a 20gal with a breeding pair of apistos caca. I recently picked up. 

Thanks for any and all guidance!

Here is where I typically start.

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We cannot recommend competing sites on this forum.

Pencilfish species are very timid in my experience and prefer live foods unless you can find a local breeder who has converted them to microfoods. Having a heavily planted tank will help them display natural behavior. They also really enjoy floating plants and wood features.


the source @Fish Folk referenced is where I typically start especially for more ‘exotic’ species.

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