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can I freeze the extra brine shrimp that I hatch.

big bear

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I started a brine shrimp colony with my extra. I saw a video on YouTube where they did it with a small plastic bin, an air hose, and a light. After harvesting the shrimp you water to feed and freeze, Drain most of the remaining water into the bin. Strop before the shells get in the drain tube.

I save the water from every batch and have adults to feed my bigger fish, and a lot of in between sizes too. I feed them Spirulina Powder, and a dash of this or that fish food now and then. I bought some amazing salt water macroalgae on eBay to consume any nitrogen. It works well. Some folks stop hatching once their colony is going well. 

This summer, I ended up going to a 10 gallon tank for the brine shrimp because I was feeding a 120 tank. It is fun to watch the shrimp swim around and grow. Right now, I have a full pretzel jar and am starting a second jar, but toying with moving them to a tank, so I can use the jars for daphnia.  I will be starting some vinegar eels this week.  I plan to start daphnia next week.  I might combine some scud containers to free up some for the daphnia.

Live food is as interesting as what you are feeding the food too.

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