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Switching from R/O to well water


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Will a high kh cause the ph to raise over time?
RO water- ph:7.2 to 7.4,gh:5,kh:7

well water-ph:7.2 to 7.6,gh:6,kh:18

I use the API master test kit so I’m not sure exactly what the ph is.

I have been using RO water with Seachem products to get the water to were I want it for my 40 gallon. I set up a 14 gallon using my well water. The water  parameters were pretty much the same. The only big difference was the KH. 
This was the tank before I left for travel for work for 2 weeks and came back to all the plants dead. Was pretty bummed and forgot to take a picture of the after. There was no fish in the tank. Was  cycling the tank and having my girlfriend put some fish food in it every day. 

water parameters before: 
ph: 7.2 to 7.4

gh: 6

kh: 18

water parameters after: 

ph: 8.8(so purple it was basically black)

gh: 5

kh: 16

The rock and wood have been used before in a 20 long tank that I remove them from to make more room for plants. It’s the same brand of sand and Aqua soil I have used in my other tanks and haven’t had a problem. 

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Beautiful tank!

Been using well water for the last 15 years.  You will have some drastic changes depending on the weather etc.  I wish I would have recorded the conversation with the NY water science center scientist that I spoke with about the ph drop that we had throughout the summer.  It won't be sudden but it will change overtime.  

We went from 7.8 to 6.6 in the last year, but no issues as at all with the aquariums

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