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Cycling - 29 gallon - Fishless


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I am in the process of cycling a new 29-gallon aquarium.  Here are the specifics:

Size:  29 gallon
Substrate:  Eco-Complete
Plants:  1-Java Fern, 1-Bacopa Caroliniana, 1-Cryptocoryne Wendtii, 1- Anubias Golden, 1-Vallisneria, 1-Amazon Sword
Filter:  Tidal 35

I am a bit confused...  I am trying to follow the correct procedure for a fishless cycle.  However, when I read about Fritzyme 7 it says that it is an "instant" process.  Is that correct?  Below are my water test results and just about anything I have done to the water.  I would like to do about 50% water change today due to tannins, even though I boiled the Mopani wood, and boiled it and boiled it.  My water looks like tea.  It improved a lot when I did a 50% change on January 14.  Will a water change at this point hurt the cycling process?

Overall, am I following the right process to get my tank to cycle?  Do I want to keep adding Fritzyme7 and Fishless fuel to keep the water with some ammonia level??

I would appreciate any comments or insights!!




          Time          Temp          pH          Ammonia          Nitrite          Nitrate          Notes
1/11   17:15          56.6          7.4          0                         0                  0                    + water and 1 tsp Fritz Complete
1/11                                                                                                                          + 12 oz Fritzyme 7 & 1.5 tsp Fishless Fuel
1/11   19:45          62.9          7.4          4.0                      0                   5.0
1/12   13:17          78.0                                                                                              +3 tsp Imagitarium Water Clarifier
1/12                                                                                                                           +2.4 oz Fluval Carbon to HOB Tidal 35 (tannins)
1/12                                                                                                                           +3 tsp Imagitarium Water Clarifier
1/13   17:40          78.6          7.8          4.0                     0.5               10.0
1/13                                                                                                                           +3 tsp Imagitarium Water Clarifier
1/14     50% Water Change (tannins)
1/14                                                                                                                           +6oz Fritzyme 7
1/14                                                                                                                           +1 tsp Fritz Complete
1/14                                                                                                                           +1/2 tsp Fritz Fishless Fuel
1/14                                                                                                                           +3 tsp Imagitarium Water Clarifier
1/14    18:20         69.4         7.4           4.0                   0.0                   10.0
1/15    18:00         78.9         7.4           0.0                   2.0                   40.0
1/15                                                                                                                           +live plants
1/15                                                                                                                           +root tabs
1/15                                                                                                                           +3 pumps Easy Green
1/16    15:30         78.2         7.4           0.0                   5.0                    40.0
1/16                                                                                                                           +6oz Fritzyme 7
1/16                                                                                                                           +1 tsp Fishless Fuel

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I currently have had my 29 gallon running for around 6 months. When dosing beneficial bacteria, you often can add fish right away. I waited about a week while dosing Seachem Stability. You may not want to use carbon in your filters with a planted tank, as it can pull nutrients out of the water that your plants would use otherwise, but people hold varying opinions on the matter. I personally don't use it. I also started with a Tidal 35 but switched to a Tidal 55 to increase flow, but either should be fine. People have varying experiences with driftwood, I boiled mine same as you and I found that mine didn't leach many tannins past a couple weeks, but some people experience way more leaching. I guess it just depends on your wood. When adding fish, don't add the full stock all at once, as you will need to build up your beneficial bacteria to stably accommodate the full load. It's a good sign that your ammonia turned into nitrite and nitrate. The dose of fishless fuel will of course spike your ammonia again so wait until you are only detecting nitrate and not ammonia or nitrite before introducing fish. Also obviously, don't dose fishless fuel after you've added fish to the tank. Overall it looks like your tank is cycling well.


Also just curious, what are you planning to stock?

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I’ve had great experience using Fritzyme 7 for both cycling and quick fixes for crashes. 
As for the driftwood.. its very hit and miss in my experience.. sometimes boiling it for an hour will do it and other tome you have to leave it soaking for two months and it STILL won’t get all the tannins out. In those instances I just choose a different wood 😂

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