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Teeny bugs on my floaters

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Before I say anything, I take very good care of my tanks.  This is my bettas home.  A 10 gallon planted tank.  Its cleaned once a week.  I noticed last week and yesterday before my water changes that I have these teeny bugs jumping around the waters surface and hanging out on my floaters.  Maybe nibbling on them but it’s hard to tell.


I thought springtails or water fleas (daphnia). If they are harmless it’s all good but if not, I could use some help.  It is real hard to get a pic due yo their size.  

I appreciate any help or advice.  After my water changes they seem to lay off for a couple days.  They jump.  Thx so much!!!!


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On 1/16/2022 at 2:56 PM, bettta999 said:

those are spring tails and are sign of good biology in your aquarium and they ar harm less

I’m happy to hear that it’s a good sign!  It’s funny because I noticed my betta Archie was looking up at the floaters more and couldn’t figure out why.   I think he is snacking on them.  😂. Thank you for your help!

Hi @HydraSlayer and @Levi_Aquaticsthank you for your help with this!  

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