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Snowmageddon January 2022


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Looks like fun.  It's 43 deg F. here in West Point Ca.  Had 16 inches of snow that last storm we had.  Crazy weather. Hang tough.  Stay warm. Warm enough last week for me to take dog on scooter rides for his birthday.  Got in 20 miles on my second ride 67 deg f.. 

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I home you survived!  Enjoy the peace while you can. 

With temps. in the low 20's the watchfires were lit, the towers were manned, Meteorologists reported in every 15 minutes and nearly every school within 50 miles were closed in anticipation of the approaching Snowmageddon..   Tomorrow we will return to our typical weather pattern of rain, snow, rain and snow and 3O degree temperature swings.

Here in Southern Ohio/Northern Kentucky, we got 1-7 inches of flurry depending on where you were standing.

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