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Still Waiting on First Batch of Fry


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This might take a bit to explain it all so I apologize. Take your ADHD meds to get through the paragraph! 

I have had my guppies for about 6 weeks. I originally intended to had 2 females and 1 male but petsmart being not smart sold me a male instead of one of the 2 females. I rehomed that male and have 1 and 1. Not ideal I know. Ultimately, I plan to house the male and female guppies seperate.

That brings me to my first question. Would a female guppy be stressed being housed alone? I was told they actually prefer it since they are more cautions while pregnant and such. I have considered either housing her with diff species or other females or both or completely alone. Alone would probably be ideal for me, but I want to do what's best for her. 

Now for the situation I'm currently in. Being the excited noob fish breeder I am, I convinced myself she was closer to giving birth that she probably is. About a week ago I was convinced she was close so I moved the male into my 5-gallon to reduce her stress. A few days ago I convinced myself she was gonna give birth that night and decided to move all my glo tetras, except for 1 that's amazing at hiding, into a 10-gallon to avoid fry being eaten. I did this thinking it was a 1-2 night thing. I think it's been like 4 now. 

I've realized that she's likely not as far along as I was hoping and thinking. She might even have 2 more weeks left. I'm considering executing my end game plan and putting her in a tank by herself and putting the male and tetras back home. What concerns me about this is if she aborts yet again and I have to wait almost 3 months for my first batch. I know eventually I will have as many guppies as my heart desires, but that delayed gratification of the first batch is killing me!!

The way I see it I have 3 options:

1.  Keep the fish where they are at until she gives birth and then move them around.

2.  Put them all back and leave the female in the 29 as well.

3.  Move the female to be alone and the other fish back in the 29. 


I'm including pics of her taken today for a reference of how she looks as far as pregnancy progression. Noob mistakes and excitement got me into this!  





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I can tell you’re excited to see some fry! I’d say do what’s easiest for you. She’ll definitely give birth soon and you’ll have a tank full of babies. If your goal is to have as many fry as possible then keeping her by herself might be the best way to go. 

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So, if I'm reading the above right, you have a 5 gallon, a 10 gallon, and a 29 gallon. Is that right?

I would put the mom guppy in the ten gallon and put the other fish in the 29. It will be easier for the fry to find food in a 10 gallon than in the 29, and easier to keep water parameters good in the 10g than in the 5g when you are feeding fry multiple times per day.

If you have plenty of plants for fry to hide in, and feed mom well, she will likely not eat too many fry.  If you want her to be able to go back to the 29 without being harassed by the male, you can leave him in the 5. She has likely stored enough sperm packets to have 6 or 8 months of babies even if she never spends time with him again.

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