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Seen on craigslist


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I saw this on craigslist:

A 400 gallon tank divided into 32 compartments plus a 50 gallon at the bottom?

This would be so cool if the dividers were removable. I did not write to them to ask. If I don't know, I won't be tempted. I assume the 50 gallon at the bottom is a sump, but maybe not. One of those things dreams at made of....



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This Craigslist post did not last long at all:

rehoming different kinds of fish Posted 2022-01-09 14:29

I have a 10 inch fire ell a five inch tire track ell 4 silver dollars almost full grown a green terror that's still small and a large black knife fish and a big black and silver angle fish they are all free just want a good home for them have raised them since juvenile just want to go a different way with the hobby
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