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Where have you been all my life?


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On 1/15/2022 at 2:30 PM, Patrick_G said:

I was surprised to see how big a social media presence aquarium hobbyist have, but I guess fishtanks and fish rooms really work well with visual media. 
Your tank looks great! 

that is a beautiful nano tank!  I have 3 Nano tanks ...maybe i'll post some pics too!  It is wonderful seeing that so many others are into this hobby

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You just proved that the majority of so called life spans are merely measurements of how long fish survived ineptitude. 

Your tinfoil barbs are stunning! In the late 90's, when mine had outgrown my largest tank, one of my physicians had a tank in the doctor's office as a wall tank. My tinfoil barbs are still thriving in that tank, and have continued to bring his patients joy while in the waiting room. 

If you keep providing great water parameters and healthy food, you may have another decade with the fish. Hard lesson I learned: don't move the fish into their new home until the tank is seasoned and is used to processing the equivalent fish waste as the 3 barbs are producing. Ensure identical parameters, as well. 

Big fish don't seem to be as forgiving over water parameter changes. 

Welcome to the forum!!!!

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