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Preventative Ich-X dose because of stressful week


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So I am out of town and my son is taking care of tanks for couple months. Well disaster this week. One of our tanks had some sort of crash. Lost a couple Clown Loaches, 3 Albino Geophagus. He did a couple of water changes, but the Clown Loaches remaining still were acting weird. So decided to have him move them and 3 Plecos into another tank. The tank they were in was set at 83 degrees. The tank they moved to was 81 degrees.  Then a day later the heaters in the tank moved to failed. We moved around some heaters, but not enough to be able to keep that tank above 75 degrees. Got new heaters in today and tank on way back to 81 degrees.

So far fish responding well, but since Clown Loaches are sensitive and like the warmer water and the whole thing has been stressful should we do a Ich-X dose even though we dont see any Ich.  If so should we follow the usual Ich treatment of dose, water change next day, dose, water change next day, etc.

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