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Algae overload

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So I inherited this 10g last night from my niece because she was moving and didn't want it anymore.  The fish had a rough day but will be transferred into their new, more appropriate tanks today. Are these plants salvageable? I've never dealt with such an overgrowth. What would you do? 





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@fishmomI would spot treat with hydrogen peroxide and then let it sit for 5 minutes and then do a water change. I would do this every week for a couple weeks and it should improve. The H2O2 breaks down to hydrogen and oxygen so is not going to do any damage. I use liquid carbon in some of my setups but it is a chemical and some folks don't like it but it does work if you dose it regularly. The algae will turn purple pink and then melt away. 

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You COULD do a hydrogen peroxide dip. Remove the plant and put it into a H2O2 solution for 3 minutes, rinse, and put back into tank. I tried this, and will be sharing the results in my journal on this forum shortly. But here's a hint: it kills the algae, and half your plants too. 😞

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