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Betta fish struggling with swim bladder for over a month


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Hi All,

 I started with a beta and 2 pepper Cory’s 6 months ago in a 20 gallon tank, it was going great till recently.
Unfortunately I had to travel in the month of Nov and the heater failed, one my friend was feeding her once every 3-4 days with less than 10 pellets of Hikari Bio gold and when I came back the fish had signs of swim bladder disease.
As suggested by many, I gave them epsom salt bath 15 mins/ day for 5 days, installed a heater and kept the temp at 78F and kept my fish on pea diet. My Betta showed improvement and started swimming better, so started with Hikari Daphina to be safer.
But unfortunately my betta again started showing  signs of swim bladder again. In the last 7 days are so I gave epsom salt bath 3 times a day, but just shows little improvement.
Now am worried on whether am doing the right thing or not.
Attached pics to understand and seek guidance from experts.

note - the water parameters are good and I change 60-70% water every week 
please help!





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Thank you Colu for your reply,

I have switched him to a smaller one gallon bowl with a 5w heater, so that I can try aquarium salt treatment by changing water everyday.

I have ordered kanaplex and focus to prepare the food as per the dosage suggested. I assume I should have one feeding session a day until he recovers? Please advise

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