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Java Fern Issues

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We’ve cycled our tanks for a while and added plants about two weeks ago. We've using easy green fertilizer(1x/wk) and root tabs. We have our lights set down to a lower setting. We just added some fish about a week ago (snails and Ottos). Weekly water changed and levels are all good according to test strips. All the plants are growing well and happy except for the Java Ferns. We noticed these back spots appearing and I’m not sure what it could be. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks so much! 




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I definitely am not an expert on java ferns, but I do know that they can take a while to establish. Since it's just been 2 weeks, it might be still acclimating and old leaves are dying off. Easy Green SHOULD be providing all that they need. Maybe wait and see if new growth shows up in another month? This at least has been my experience with the windelov variety. 

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@J HolmesI would agree with @H.K.Lutermanthat you need to give this a bit more time. Plants can take weeks to months to adjust to their new tank. I would stick with your present fert regimen. They are slow growing not fast growing so their adjustment period can take awhile. 

In general one of my principles for growing plants is to make one change and wait at least 2 weeks. So take your time especially in a new tank as the plants and biome mature you'll start to get things that crop up. We by nature as aquarists are tinkerers and one thing you'll need to learn is to do this slowly and not play the jump to conclusions game. 

The hardscape I can see looks beautiful and there are some really happy leaves on there in addition to the spotted ones. I would also trim off the black leaves for now and let the healthy leaves get all the nutrition. As a rhizome plant they will expend energy on dead and dying leaves so aggressive trimming is an excellent idea. Down the road one strategy for propagating your java fern is to leave the dead leaves as at the tip of the leaves they will form a new plantlet. 

Have fun!

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I agree with what they said to let them adjust.

I am currently housing two Java ferns myself, I’ve had them for over a month:

within the first week of putting them in the black spots were very noticeable and since the next two to three weeks they have been slowly diminishing and now they are almost completely clear

so nothing to really worry about in my opinion 

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