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Pregnant or Sick?


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Current parameters:  ammonia - 0.25  nitrites - 0  nitrates - 5. PH - 8.2


I thought my female guppy was pregnant and close to giving birth, and now a response on Facebook has me worried about sickness including prolapse. She has had red gills for several weeks. I had battled a crashed cycle for a couple weeks and credited the red gills to increased ammonia but the cycle has been good for a week now. Today is the only day I registered any ammonia in a week. 

This is my first pregnant female. The last batch she aborted from the stress of being moved so I am trying to keep her in the tank. As a result, I have moved my tetras and the male guppy to reduce her stress, but increase my own. I was confident she was going to give birth 2 days ago but hasn't. I wanna make sure it's actually pregnancy and not an illness so I know if I should put the other fish back in or not. 

The first 3 pics were the ones posted on fb that initiated the "she might be sick and possible prolapse" comment and were taken 2 days ago. The 4th was just taken now. The reason for the persons suspicions of prolapse was the pink coloring of her gravid spot. 





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She is pregnant. My eyes are not great but I do not see a prolapse. (I see what looks like poo) Poor water will cause them to wait to birth adding to their stress  You said .25 ammonia. For successful fry to survive in my experience it needs to be zero ammonia. Her gills look slightly red most likely from ammonia.  Do water changes until the ammonia is zero and continue to keep it there. Some guppies are also not like clockwork delivering on time. Most of mine are some take longer sometimes and a few are crazy random at when. Guppies are easy pristine water no stress good food =babies every time in my experience. Then more babies than I can count then still more 🤣. Best of luck I hope this helps. 

To add even a touch of ammonia at higher ph is toxic. Your ph is good for guppies but increases the toxicity of ammonia

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On 1/13/2022 at 11:18 AM, Cinnebuns said:

@Guppysnail yeah I realized after I posted it someone might think I meant the poo. What was in question was the color of her gravid spot being pink. I'm hoping she has less than a week before she gives birth cause I feel bad having half my tank taken out just for her! Lol

She is light colored. The gravid spot is often pink to orange in very light colored guppies. She is fine except for the ammonia. 

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