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Please Help - Platy Developed A Bent/Curved Spine


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She was always the shy one, but have noticed over the past week or more that her spin has curved.  She still swims and eats, but spends a lot of the rest of the time hiding in a small divot between a plant and an ornament.  I have also noticed her "flashing".

I just finished treating a case of ich in the tank on a separate fish, so I originally associated the flashing with that, but maybe it is something else?

All but one of the other fish in the tank seem fine; however, I do notice others "flashing" every now and then (but not regularly).  I am concerned for one other female Platy though, as she is another "shy" Platy and I don't know if I am just paranoid or if she is slowly starting to show the same signs as this one.

My local fish store said that it is not contagious, as most fish diseases that are, will sweep through the tank in a shorter time period; but also that there is nothing I can do.

My tank currently contains Platy, Molly, Guppy, Corydora, Hillstream Loach, Kuhli Loach, and one Angelfish.

Any advice is welcome.

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1) What are your water parameters (Including GH and KH)?

2) How long have you had the platy?

3) How long has tank been established?

4) Does the place you bought them share similar water parameters?

Sorry bout all the questions, but the answers can potentially lead to cause. Livebearers do well with high minerals, as mentioned above. Salt, Wondershell, Equilibrium would all be appropriate, pending the current water parameters would allow for the increase. Personally, I have a feeling they would.

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If you are seeing flashing, my first guess would be water quality problems and my second guess would be parasites. If you don't have a way to test your water for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, that would be a great place to start--test strips or liquid test kits are essential for knowing your water is safe.

If your water tests show the water is safe, you might treat for parasites. Using medications like Paracleanse or Expel-P can help to get rid of parasites.

In my experience, platies are not shy fish--if she's hiding, she is probably feeling poorly. I am sorry this is happening and I hope she gets better.

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