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Is She OK? - Guppy About to Give Birth


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Bear with me. This is my first pregnant guppy and she lost her first batch so I'm kinda excited and such. For over 24 hours she has shown signs that she's nearing giving birth. About an hour and a half ago she became boxy, went into the corner, and started showing signs of contractions. I'm mostly leaving her be so I don't add stress. My only concern is she seems to have lost some color and is more "see through."  I'm assuming that's fine and because her body is under stress but I want to make sure. Sharing a pic of her earlier today and then just now. Sorry she's hiding pretty well so I got the best angle I could. 20220111_171734.jpg.41f8ef4f0d57fb9db0bb3802f4e8b5fd.jpg



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