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Weeklt H20 changes due to nitrates why add fertilizer?

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Hello @Linda4fish, nitrite is typically something you do not want building up in your tank if you want to have fish or other animals in it as it is highly toxic. Ideally it should be zero. 

As far as nitrates go, plants require more than just nitrates or nitrogen to grow. As far as nutrients go, plants will require the big 3 of nitrogen (provided by ammonia and nitrates usually), phosphorous and potassium along with micronutrients such as iron, magnesium, and more to grow and be healthy. If there is an abundance of certain nutrients but others are missing, your plant will develop symptoms of a deficiency related to that nutrient. You can use the following link to read about and diagnose deficiencies:


I hope that helps! 

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It really depends how high your nitrates are but I would not be too worried about the nitrates coming from easy green. If you follow easy greens instructions, 1 pump per 10 gallons, it will only add 3ppm of Nitrate. Given that your plants will also get more of the other nutrients, your plants will likely grow a little faster and end up eating up the nitrate anyways to grow. Not knowing anything else about your aquarium or water parameters, I would not change anything about your water change schedule. Just keep up what you are doing and see what changes easy green causes in your aquarium. 

Here are some articles about algae, balancing an aquarium and water changes. These may be helpful as your aquarium matures. 



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