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Looking to add a centerpiece Beta fish


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hello everyone I'm looking to add a centerpiece beta fish to this 40G breeder tank currently this tank has 

-6 panda Corys, colony of cherry shrimp, 8-9 blue platys and a 3-4 inch Snowball pleco and some pest snails 

Want to know what would be any problems if any? is this a good idea? I'm ok with the beta eating a few shrimp here and there, there is a ton in this tank. 

tank maintains about 78.2-80 degrees on any given day 


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With bettas it depends a lot on the individual betta. Some of them don't care about other fish as long as there are enough to not have any one fish get picked on too much, others will be aggressive with certain fish but not others.

One of my bettas was peaceful with everyone in the community tank (did eat snails). The other one was fine with platies and guppies but would not stop harassing the otocinclus. 

As long as you have someplace else the betta can live if he is not peaceful, go for it.

With my peaceful betta, I could tell he wasn't harassing others when I was not watching because all the fish in the tank would swim right in front of his mouth without batting an eye. They clearly saw him as peaceful. If you observe how the other fish behave as well as checking them for nipped fins, you'll have a good idea of whether he's endangering them.


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