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New species sold as glo fish now


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Just looked at some glo bettas tonight at my local petsmart for the first time. I know, big box stores are the devil but honestly this one usually has nice fish. They had a few nice bettas, but the glow ones? Man they looked rough. I think they forgot they had them. And I do agree with @Guppysnail about enjoying more natural fish but I don't have a problem with the glo lite fish either. I get that kids like em and if it introduces them to the hobby then I'm ok with it. Still, not my cup o tea but to each their own at least in this respect.

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I have seen some beautiful glo bettas, and they do help get kids interested in the hobby.

I balk at the form people are asked to sign, barring them from being bred. It's an ethics issue, for me. I take issue with 'owning' genetics, probably because I read too many scifi books growing up and learned to recognize slippery slopes. 

Lately, the majority of the fish being shipped to stores have looked rough. Our local breeders are really standing out.

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