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Does my betta have a tumor? I noticed a small lump in November, and it’s been slowly growing. These pictures are from today. He’s still swimming and eating normally, so I guess I’m just wondering if I should be treating it or just making sure he’s comfortable. Any input is appreciated.




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Tumor are common Bettas I can't say for sure it's a tumor as it only on one side I don't think it Dropsy treatment wise you could try a course maracyn2 in food the active ingredient is minocycline is effective at sinking certain types  of lump in food use a quarter of a packet of maracyn2 1 scoop seachems focus one table spoon of pellets one cap of garlic guard and a couple of drops of water for 7 days store any leftover medicated food can be stored in the fridge and add a small amount of aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 5 gallons at that level it shouldn't harm your plants it will help with Gill function and add essential electrolytes 

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