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White blister on long fin WCMM


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A few of my recently acquired long fin WCMM have a white bump forming near their mouths- the one with the most pronounced bump has something that looks like a blister. (See photo)  it has definitely grown since I first noticed the white spot.

water parameters:

pH: 7.0

ammonia: 0 ppm

nirtrite: 0 ppm

nitrate: 10 ppm

Im not sure what the kH and gH are but I know we have soft water (live near aquarium coop). I also do partial water changes every few days and always add dechlorinator, beneficial bacteria, and some easy green with the new water.

Temperature is at 74 degrees.

It’s a 15 gallon tank and is heavily planted. I have a mixture of pea gravel, sand, and eco complete for substrate.

i also have 6 regular WCMM that were in the tank first (1.5 mos) and 10 Pygmy corydoras that were added in at the same time as the long fins (10 days ago).  All the WCMM are very active (lots of sparring) and very keen to any food that is put into the tank - they find and eat everything I put in- even the sinking pellets for the corydoras! (The dwarf corydoras are more shy and i always worry they’re not getting enough food…)

to note: 1 of the regular WCMM had an eye missing (only noticed after I had already brought them home) but ate and swam just fine- until 4 days ago where it was swimming in strange, jerky motions, mostly staying in place.  It was positioning its body at a 45 degree angle instead of staying completely upright.

That’s when I isolated One Eye and started the whole tank on maracyn - I’m on day 4 and don’t see any change or difference in the blister or in the long fin’s behavior. One Eye seems quiet in its isolation (the coop’s tough specimen container- I don’t have a quarantine tank) -it’s hanging around in the roots of the floating plants that i put in and is “breathing” quickly..

It probably looks like i will have to, but i wish I didn’t need to do another 5 days of maracyn once this first cycle is done- like I said I’m always worried that the dwarf corydoras aren’t getting enough to eat in general but I’ve fasted the whole tank now for 4 days… sad…

does anyone have any thoughts? 




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I wouldn't fast while treating with antibiotics as the as the nutrition from the food will give them energy to fight of any possible infection I only fast when treating for internal parasites  after you have finished your Frist course maracyn add a small amount of aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 5 gallons at that level it shouldn't harm your plants  and monitor for a couple of days if you notice it getting worse then a would treat with kanaplex in food kanaplex is a more broad spectrum antibiotic


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Thank you for the advice! 
Fed them some blood worms today and I feel much better for it! (Hopefully the fish do too haha..) 

Attached are a few pics of the guy with the blistered lip- I think that it’s slightly droopy today instead of the perky bubble it’s been.. don’t know if this means he’s getting worse or better! 



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