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Okay I have read that amano shrimp need brackish water to hatch their eggs and for the zoes to survive. But I know I do not have brackish water and I have a extra shrimp baby shrimp that appeared. I assume it can happen from time to time because it did. Has anyone else experienced this? 




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Ph: 7.8 ppm

Kh: 120 ppm

Gh: 200 ppm 12dkh Municipal water is hard. 

Nitrate: 20ppm

Nitrite: 0

I never tested the calcium or copper levels. Shrimp and fish are doing excellent. 

I have seen the zoes floating in the water..well what I thing are zoes sometimes after a water change. They are very small and are wiggling. Usually see the tetras eating them. Just never thought I would see one survive because of the brackish water they need. 

I also do water changes once a week but switching to every other because my nitrates are staying at or under 20PPM. Plants are doing a good job now that they are established. 

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11 minutes ago, Lizzie Block said:

Wow, very curious. Could this be one if those imposter situations? Like, it's not a true Amano?

Maybe but did get them from aqua huna so I definitely trust the source. All my female adult shrimp have had eggs and have them again. This is the only baby I have seen in the tank thus far. 

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