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Are these black round things on my new Rotala plants snail eggs?


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My 40 gallon breeder is 6 days old. I got some plants from Aquarium Co Op and my local fish store. The crypts have been melting all week, the hydrocotle I ordered is melting much more slowly, but the Java moss and Rotala plants are growing like weeds.

 I just noticed my first 2 bladder snails. I was expecting this and I’m grateful for the help cleaning out all the melted leaves I don’t feel like fishing out.

However, today I also noticed a ton of small black objects on my Rotala leaves. I confirmed that it’s not algae. These are really round, tiny black objects. Am I about to be hit with a deluge of bladder snails?

Would I be better off removing the plants and cleaning that stuff off? 

Would really appreciate any advice!



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Hi. Bladder snail and Ramshorn eggs are in sacks that are kind of jelly-esque and you can see a lot of little clear dots inside them. Nerite snail eggs are white and hard usually on hardscape but sometimes on leaves (you did not report having Nerites and you'd know if you had so it's not them). If you're seeing individual black dots they aren't aquatic snail eggs I know of. Any signs of life? They move at all, can you take one off and look at it? 

....side note, if they are little jelly sacks and there are little black dots inside they may be snails getting ready to hatch, but per your pics they look like individual black dots. 

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@xXInkedPhoenixX, I really appreciate this description of snail eggs.  The only snails I have currently are 2 bladder snails, and so those are definitely not bladder snail eggs.  Interestingly, what the black spheres look like are almost miniature versions of my substrate (Controsoil).  I was removing some melted Cryptocoryne leaves yesterday, so maybe some got on my Rotala plants.  I've watched my tank for over 45 minutes today and I never saw anything move.

@Levi_Aquatics, I really appreciate that suggestion.  I would have thought algae would look flat on the leaves, but these black spots have a definite height, if that makes sense.  If this is algae, will it hurt my plant?  If not, I'm actually happy to see algae, since I was wanting to grow some for algae eaters down the road! 

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