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New German Blue Ram clamped tail fin


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Got a new pair of juvenile German Blue Rams in 2 days ago. Female's tail fin remains clamped, and she has one single spot on her side fin. No additional spots spreading. Pic shows her tail fin. 

Acts normal and happy, eating well, exploring all areas of tank actively, good coloring, and mildly picks on her male counterpart. 

I'm wondering if she's just still adjusting to the stress of having been shipped in a bag for 5 days. 

Temp 85-86, ph 7.2, soft water (90% RO mixed w/ well water tap), no ammonia, nitrite, 5ppm or less nitrate. Well established and mature tank 1.5+ years old. 


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Clamped fins can be a sign of poor  water quality or a bacterial infection your water parameters look fine with the spot and clamped fins it's more than likely a bacterial infection I would do a course of kanaplex in food


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Ment spot not red spot
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