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Candy Cane or Rosy Tetras?


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About six weeks past, I was at my LFS and picked up an orange Bristlenose Pleco and six of what were labeled as Candy Cane Tetras.  All the fish have been doing great, and I am really loving the tetras, especially with how vivid they are and the fact they get along with everyone else in my tank.  They have managed to gain a little in size too, and seem to be very happy.

Since I got six and enjoyed them so much, I was thinking of getting some more to give them a little larger school.  These guys school a lot more then my Black Neon and Lemon Tetras.  Here is my issue.  I was looking around and noticed that these could actually be Rosy Tetras.  The online resources are a little confusing about this, so I took some pictures and figured some of the knowledgeable people here would know what these guys actually are.

I tried to get as bets pictures as I could, but they do tend to like to dart around.  Also a couple of shots have some of the tank Platys, but I do know what they are at least. 🙂






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