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Stocking Suggestions Needed!


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I recently upgraded from a standard 10 gallon to a gorgeous 17 gallon rimless tank. Inhabitants are 3 peppered corydoras, 1 honey gourami, and 5 male guppies.

The tank is moderately planted right now, with a goal to see it fill in to a heavily planted space.

I'm considering some options to add stock to this tank and am looking for some interesting ideas. Here are are a few of the options I'm considering:

1) Get a few more guppies and call it a day. (Boys only. Not interested in breeding)


2) Add a small school of "something". Probably NOT tetras as I can't seem to keep them alive. Rasboras and rainbow fish have done very well in my tanks, though.

I'm also wondering if I could add a hillstream coach to the existing mix of fish.

Is love to hear your experience and recommendations!

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@MammaGwhat about some barbs? Cherry barbs would do very well in a tank that size. None of the barb issues with nipping they are so cool with their tank mates. Outstanding color, active and utilize the whole tank. 
Rainbows you could do a group of Pseudomeugil such as luminatus, gertrudae, or furcatus. The females are quite attractive and males displays are incredible to watch. 
You really can’t go wrong with harlequin or pork chop rasboras and I love the kubotai gorgeous glowing green fish. 
Danios like the glowlight, longfin zebras, goldring are spectacular as well. 

Have fun the planning is the best part!

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My vote for schooling would be cherry barbs, goldring danios, or any color form of medaka rice fish.  Other options just to add to the conversation: chili rasboras/celestial pearl danios (they're tiny so you could get an even bigger school), pygmy multi stripe loaches, or Rhombo "Snakeskin" barbs.

What kinds of plants do you have now and which ones are you considering adding?

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