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Hello there!

Just discovered this amazing forum a few months ago and decided to finally make an account and join in with the fun. I have kept several goldfish over the past years, including one common goldfish that I have kept since my childhood and somehow lived up to 9 years in a 2 gallon tank 🤷‍♀️ (his color faded completely though), as well as a fantail and oranda goldfish. I consider myself a beginner to this hobby, and am excited to learn more about fish in this forum!


Last year, I started keeping live plants (ferts = easy green & easy root tabs) in my main 10 gal tank (which is empty right now): two anubias (barteri and goldcoin), windelov & regular java fern, and vallisneria. There was lots of melt back from all of my java ferns, and the vallisneria is finally starting to take off after about 4 months. The windelov is not doing so well, but the regular java fern is growing slow and steady. I have several small pieces of driftwood for the anubias and java fern to attach to.

Before melt back:


After melt back & new leaves/runners (~4 months later):


Recently, I decided to do something different from goldfish and got platies! I have 3 females and 1 male. This is my first time quarantining fish and using meds, so any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated! As of now, I have just finished the 5-day treatment for Paracleanse (in a quarantine tank), and am in the two-week resting period before the second treatment of Paracleanse. At the beginning I was planning to do the med trio, but I observed lots of flashing from the platies so I thought it would be better to deal with the parasites first.

Now, the platies have white spots on their fins (which are presumably ich), and I was wondering if I should start the Ich-X treatment immediately, or if I should wait until after two weeks, since I have just finished the Paracleanse treatment and they need a rest from meds.

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