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Black Endlers


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Hey all!

i have a tank with some endlers in it and i’ve had some pretty cool traits develop. 
most of my endlers are showing a lot of black with a sword tail (i believe these are class P, endler showing but not pure endlers) 

anyways, my question is does anyone know of anybody who has almost all black endlers? I’m wondering if it’s possible for me to selectively breed endlers until they are mostly black of not all black.

i understand this circumstance can change for wild type endlers, this is just more of a general question.


thanks guys!



there’s a photo example of my favorite one, not the best photo but it’s what i could get. Black bar along the shoulder to the dorsal, from the chest to the dorsal and down the back to the midsection of the tail, and the sword tail. This guy Also has what i call a “monarch dorsal fin” because of the orange and black patterning on the dorsal. 
thanks again



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Those are nice looking Endlers!

I don’t think anyone has all black? (closest thing I can think of is black Moscow guppies, not Endlers but all black)

Yours seem to have more black then even the advertised “black bar” Endlers. There’s some on aquabid now that have a black band along the dorsal but not much else.

Keep working with them and see how much black you can develop. 


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