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Mixing Dry ferts

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My order of dry ferts from GLA arrived yesterday.  The plan is to follow the pps pro directions on the website, make a small amount of liquid ferts, and use the low light dosage. I'll make adjustments from there. 

Since I already have hard water with high gh (400 ppm), is Magnesium Sulfate necessary?

Next, I've been reading on some of the planted tank forums about people adding a few drops of excel to their fertilizer mixture. If I'm making small enough batches at time to use them in a month, is this necessary? 

Seems like people add it to prevent mold, but any glut based product breaks down after 24 hours, so why add it in the first place?

My other plan is to try low tech EI dosing if I'm not happy with pps pro.

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I just keep mine in the fridge and only the Micro solution. It has never developed mold.

I would look at EI vs PPS Pro, not many tanks are that successful on PPS Pro.

I've also found that just dumping the dry fertilizer into the tank is the easiest way to dose. And better yet, is to front load Marcos via water changes.

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